Newsletter February 2014

From the Principal’s Desk:

Dear Parents

Last year at a planning meeting, we as a staff chose a theme for the year called “Taking Responsibility”.  This theme will serve as a focus for how we operate.

As teachers we take responsibility by ensuring that we are thoroughly prepared for all lessons, mark books on time and report speedily.  We take responsibility for the well being of pupils by being observant, reporting any concerns to the principal and parents and by putting in place interventions to support the learners.

As parents we encourage you to take responsibility by supporting your children, monitoring progress, paying your school fees.  Report any concerns to the class teachers.

We wish to inculcate in the learners the importance of taking responsibility for their actions, decisions and well being.  This means they take responsibility for the environment by ensuring they don’t litter.  They keep the classroom and grounds clean.

They take responsibility for their belongings i.e. their personal belongings, text books and stationery.  They take responsibility by doing homework, studying and coming to school on time.

Let’s work together, to ensure that our children are always the priority and we work towards their success.

Mrs. Padayachee