Newsletter Jan/Feb 2015

From the Principal’s Desk:

Dear Parents,

Thank you for the overwhelming response to the Parents Information Evening.  As staff and management we have an objective to improve the overall academic and sporting performance of our learners.  The teachers will also make every endeavour to attend as many workshops and training sessions to ensure that we are up-skilled.

I am pleased to announce that the school has grown in numbers and we will be opening an additional Grade R class this year.  Plans are underway to get this project going.

Once again we urge parents to be fully participative in the education of their children.  Kindly monitor homework daily.  Become aware of all the assessment dates and ensure that your child is fully prepared for each test or assessment.

Make sure your home environment is suitable for studying.  There must be a quiet place for children to study.  Ensure that you know how your child is doing in every assessment.  If problems are noted please contact the school to initiate early interventions.

Make sure that your child reads daily.  We encourage parents to read to their children daily.  Make sure that your child becomes a member of the local library.

Kindly read all notices and newsletters to ensure that you are aware of what is happening at the school.

If you wish to see me or any of the teachers please make an appointment.

Mrs. Padayachee



Newsletter JANUARY – FEBRUARY 2015