Teacher’s job

A teacher’s job is perhaps one of the most difficult and demanding jobs because students are such unexpected blends of character, personality, and background. Yet each of the teachers at Melpark rises up to take up the challenge. They work hard, they genuinely care about the children, and they always try to give their best even when they are not feeling well.


Education and learning should train children to think critically, transform their lives, change behaviour, alter beliefs, and finally uplift their communities and society at large. True Education is not only about the achievement of marks but also the moulding of a child’s character. It is said that the end of Education is character.

No other profession like teaching

Teaching is like no other profession. As a teacher, you wear many hats. Some of the roles teachers assume in carrying out their duties include being a communicator, a disciplinarian, a conveyor of information, an evaluator, a classroom manager, a counsellor, a member of many teams and groups, a decision-maker, a role-model, and a surrogate parent. Each of these roles requires practice and skills that are often not taught in teacher preparation programs. I know that each of my teachers has played one or more of these roles at some point in time.