Dear Parents,

I hope this correspondence finds you well. Please take note of the following information for your action:

School will close earlier on Friday (26/03), Tuesday (30/03) and Thursday (1/04).
The times for dismissal on these dates are as follow:
Gr R and 1 – 12:30
Gr 2 – 12:40
Gr 3 – 12:50
Gr 4-7 – 13:00
Please make the necessary transport arrangements for your child.

SGB elections have been postponed to Tuesday 30th March at 18:00, as we did not get a quorum at the first meeting. It is hoped that you will avail yourself to participate in this all important process. We expect parents to arrive at 17:30 to sign the voters register. Your green bar coded ID, smart card ID or valid passport is necessary if you are to vote. Driver’s Licence cannot be accepted.

All learners will soon be engaged in the testing programme. Please supervise and structure your child’s studying.

Recently, we find our learners dropping their guard and not wearing a mask or carrying their health questionnaires to school. With the threat of the imminent third wave, we appeal to all parents to re-inforce the importance of adhering to the Covid protocols. Your safety is important to us. At school we will be relentless in creating a barrier between the virus and your child.

At the end of March we bid farewell to 2 teachers from the foundation phase. Mrs. T.M. Naidoo will be retiring and Miss Mabelane will be resigning to pursue further studies. We wish both these ladies well in their new paths in life. They will be dearly missed by all the children and staff.

I hope the above meets your approval.

Kind regards,

Mrs. N. Padayachee

2021 SGB Elections

ear Parent

Your presence at the SGB Election- 16 March 2021 is of paramount importance. We hope to see ALL parents present.

Please take not of the following:
17h00: Checking of names on voter’s roll
17h30: Nominations re-open
18h00: Nomination and Election starts


Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow.



Dear Parent
Please be reminded of the following :
• Nominations closes tomorrow 12/03/2021 and will re-open 1/2 hour prior to the start of the election on 16/03/2021.

• Parents must bring their green bar – coded identity document/ smart identity card/ valid passport.

• Parents must personally ensure that they are on the voters’ roll.
PS. Only parents appearing on the voters’ roll may participate.

• The voter’s roll cannot be adjusted on the day of the election. You may call the school to check if your name does appear on the voters roll.

• Please report at the school at 17h00 so that we may begin the process i.e to check if you are on the voters’ roll.

• Your attendance is compulsory if we are to guarantee good governance.

Please comply with the above. The school will make every attempt to maintain COVID-19 protocols. We are looking forward to a successful election and hope to enjoy 100% participation from parents

Yours in good governance.

A. Beekhan
School Electoral Officer



                           ELECTION OF MEMBERS OF GOVERNING BODY:



Dear Parent

Please be reminded of the following dates:

Tuesday 09/03/2021 Nomination of candidates Open
Friday 12/03/2021 Nomination Closed
Tuesday 16/03/2021 Nomination re-opens Re-opens between 17h30- 18h00
Tuesday 16/03/2021 SGB elections 18h00


NB: If you wish to stand for election or nominate a candidate, please collect the nomination forms from Miss Caroline Mataga at our school reception.

Your participation  is vital to ensure good governance. Please avail yourself in the interest of your child.


Thanking you.

Yours in education,


NV . Padayachee


Dear Parents

SGB ELECTIONS FOR 2021 : Vote Wisely

It is that very important time of the year when elections are held for School Governing Bodies.
Those parents voted in will serve for 3 years on the school governing body.

Our school governing body elections will take place on:-
Date: 16 March 2021
Time: 18h00
Place: Melpark Primary School Hall

If you wish to nominate another parent or wish to stand for elections yourself, you may collect
nomination forms from the front desk of the office. These forms need to be completed and returned
to the school.
Nominations open on 09 March 2021 and close on 12 March 2021. Nominations will open again for
about half an hour at the election meeting on 16 March at 18h00.

It is vital that both parents of each learner attend the meeting as we need to have a quorum for the
meeting to proceed. If we do not get a quorum on the evening of the 16 March, the elections will be
postponed to a later date.
You will need to bring along a South African ID Document or a Driver’s Licence to the election
meeting for authentication. The voters’ roll will be available at the school as from 09 March 2021 so
that you may be able to verify your details.

Please make every effort to ensure that our School Governing Body elections are successful and
that we are able to establish a strong, willing and hard working SGB to take our school to greater



Dear Parent / Guardian

We are buoyant at the thought that your child’s return to school is fast approaching. We need you to take note and act on the following :

We will have a drive-through to collect outstanding reports on Tuesday 09/02/2021. Parents will drive onto the school grounds whereby they will be directed to the appropriate collection points. This will be done strictly between 08h00 – 10h00.
No walk- ins will be allowed, out of these times.

It is imperative that all outstanding school fees be brought up-to-date. Payment of 2021 school fees should be made in accordance with the decision of the school’s duly elected governing body. Parents should refrain from creating their own payment plan.

Please ensure that your child arrives at school wearing a mask. It has been illegal for any person to be mask less in a public space. Your child should ensure that he is screened and sanitised on arrival at school. The “passport” questionnaire will continue to be used and we appeal to parents to assist their children in the completion of this legal document.

This platform for communication with both parents and pupils was launched in 2020. It has become very effective to exchange important information. Parents should ensure that they register on their child’s class so as to keep abreast with the happenings of our school.

It is hoped that by now most parents would have reacted to our previous correspondence and placed your uniform order. The collection of those orders from the office gate will take place on Monday 08 February and Tuesday 09 February.

Please take note of the school times and ensure that you adhere strictly to the prescribed times. School re-opens on Monday 15 February 2021 and the gates will open daily at 07h00. Learners will be dismissed daily at 14h00. Foundation phase learners will be dropped and fetched from the gates in 3rd avenue and Intersen phase in 2nd avenue.

Please note:
Grade 1’s and Grade R’s will be met by their educators on the soccer field for the first week only (week ending: 19/02/2021) Grade1 parents must also fetch their children from the field. Grade R’s must be fetched from the Grade R campus ‘
For our safety; NO parents allowed on the school campus.

Trust you find this in order

Yours in education.

N.V. Padayachee

Purchase of Uniforms 2021

Dear Parents

Welcome back. The year 2021 seems to present an even greater challenge. We are striving to keep abreast with the dynamics of the pandemic and will have to continue to impose the prescribed standard operating procedures in the hope of maintaining the barriers between the Virus and our School community.

Therefore the purchase of uniform will have to adhere strictly to the following process.

Step 1: Place your order via Email or Telephone with the correct size and number of items required. (PS.THERE WILL BE NO FITTING FOR SIZE)

Step 2: You will receive an invoice with the amount payable, pending availability.

Step 3: Deposit or EFT the correct amount .No payments will be entertained at School. See attached Price list and Banking details.

Step 4: Email proof or payment to mpadmin@lantic.net Friday 05/02/2021. Your references should reflect the following.
Your Child’s Name and Surname
Class and Grade

Step 5: Uniforms will be packaged for your collection from the Office Gate on Monday 08/02/2021 and Tuesday 09/02/2021 between 8am & 1pm.

Trust You Find This In Order!

Yours in Education




Dear Parents,


As you may have heard through the media the opening of schools has been delayed due to the spike in Covid cases. Schools will now reopen on 15 February 2021.

I urge all parents to pay for stationery and school fees via EFT to avoid coming to the school. Any requests for uniforms will have to be made via a letter or email. The invoice will be sent to you, you will have to make payment before the children receive the uniforms. No fitting of clothes will be allowed.

Doing this will help to keep all of us safe.


You will be informed through your class Whatsapp groups about the alternating days for attendance of all learners.


The school bank account details are as follows:

NEDBANK Campus Square

Acc  No. 1581045956

Branch Code: 158 105 or Universal Code 198765


School fees for 2021

Grade 1-7 R8400

Grade R R10400

10% Discount if paid by 28/02/2021.


Stationery 2021 

All grade R660.


Please ensure that all children wear a mask when they come to school. We have not yet received any PPEs from the Department of Education. If we receive them, we will issue to learners.

The school will be deep cleaned before we return to school.



Mrs. N. Padayachee

2021 Payments

Dear Parents,
Happy New Year to you. I hope you had a restful holiday and are ready to embrace whatever this new year throws at us. I am certain that for many of us, in spite of the difficulties, we have emerged stronger and more resilient. My heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones during this pandemic.

We welcome you all back in 2021 and promise to provide quality education and excellent service to each of you.
As we prepare for the return of our children back to school, top of mind is the safety and security of our children, our teachers and yourself. We will continue with all the Covid protocols we had in place last year. Mostly we would like to restrict the number of people/ parents who enter the school premises.
I would like to make a sincere appeal to all parents to pay for stationary and school fees via EFT. Please indicate your child’s name, grade and what the payment is for. Please send the proof of payment with your child when he/she returns to school or email to mparkps@lantic.net. If you are unable to print the payment because you are paying on your cell phone, we will try to track your payment through the bank statement This will ensure the we do not having crowding at the office or payment area.

If you wish to purchase uniforms, send a note with your child and what you require; the assistants will send you an invoice with the amount you need to pay, Once you have made payment, the uniforms will be issued to the learner. There will be no trying out of uniforms. We will be abiding by Covid protocols.

Please take note of the following:
School fees Grade 1-7    R8400 per year
School fees Grade R       R10400 per year
10% discount if full amount is paid before end of February.
Stationary Grade R to 7   R660 per pupil.

Banking Details
NEDBANK Campus Square
Account number: 1581045956


Please cooperate with us to keep everyone safe.
Enjoy the rest of the break. As soon as we hear anything from the education department, we will keep you informed. In the meantime please check your Class Dojo app as well as the Whatsap chat groups for any messages or information.

Mrs. Padayachee

End of Year Memo

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please read the following carefully. This note highlights the programme for the last few days before we close for the December holidays.

We close this year missing some of the wonderful events that you have become accustomed to: class parties, Grade 7 farewell, Grade R graduation, Foundation Phase Prize Giving Evening and the Senior Phase Awards and Valediction ceremony. This saddens us.

Grade1-6 learners who would have received awards will receive certificates for achievement with their reports.


The important Dates to remember:

3rd December conclusion of exams for Grade 4-7

4th December – Final assembly for Grade 7. This occasion will replace the Valediction and Senior Phase Awards Evening. Only Grade 7s and the Grade 6 Learners who were selected as prefects will be present. Unfortunately, no parents will be able to be accommodated. Grade 7 Learners will be receiving awards and a snack pack and gift.

7th -9th December Sports training for those learners who have received letters. School will be dismissed at the normal time.

10th December – reports will be issued to Group A learners from Grade 1-6 and Grade R learners. Learners will be dismissed at 9.30.

11th December – reports will be issued to Group B learners from Grade 1- 6 and to Grade 7 learners. Learners will be dismissed at 9.30.


Please take note that reports will only be issued during these times. The staff will be otherwise engaged and will not be able to serve you.

If school fees are paid up, and all textbooks and media books returned then  reports will be issued to learners. Parents do not need to attend.

If school fees are owing or textbooks have not been replaced or paid for, reports will be collected by parents from the office. The Debt collector will be present to sign Acknowledgement of Debt forms and this will be handed over to the Debt collector for collection. Note this could result in legal action being taken against you. Please bring a copy of your ID.

We urge you to settle all outstanding debt so that you avoid all the problems.

School reopens next year on 27th January for Learners. Try to make payment for school fees, uniforms and stationery beforehand via EFT payments to avoid long queues.


Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.


Kind regards,

Mrs. Padayachee