Essential Information for Parents

School Times

Grade R, 1, 2


Grade 3


Grade 4 – 7


Lunch Breaks

Monday – Friday

  • School closes at 10H00 on the last day of each term.
  • Attendance at school is compulsory.
  • Gates will close at 07:20 each morning.
  • Coming late will not be tolerated.
  • Children are to be picked up immediately after school or after the extra mural activities.
  • Children will not be allowed to loiter around the school.  An aftercare facility is available at the school for those children who are unable to be fetched immediately after school.
  • The gates will be closed by 14:30.


The language of teaching and learning is English. The First Additional language is Afrikaans.

New Admissions

A learner may be registered for Grade 1 provided he/she turns 6 before June in the Grade 1 year, or for Grade R provided he/she turns 5 before 30 June.

Please note that if you are applying for Grade 1 you need to do it online and the website is

The criteria that will be used is as follows:

(a) The applicant learner’s place of residence is closest to the school within the feeder zone;

(b) The applicant learner has a sibling attending the school;

(c) The place of employment of at least one of the applicant learner’s parents is within the feeder zone of the school;

(d) The applicant learner’s place of residence is within a 30 kilometre radius of the school; or

(e) The applicant learner’s place of residence is beyond a 30 kilometre radius of the school.

Grade R, 2-7 admissions are conducted at the school.

An admission form and a school fees contract must be completed in full with correct information.

The following documents are required when seeking admission to the school:

  • Child’s Clinic Card
  • Proof of Residential Address
  • A Certified Copy of the child’s Birth Certificate or Identity Document
  • Certified copies of both parents ID documents
  • A Copy of the child’s Latest Report from his/her previous school.
  • A Transfer Card from his/her previous school, to be produced on the first day at this school, if the child is accepted. [Not applicable to Grade R and 1].
  • Proof of Employment if the parent is using the work address as the criteria for admission.
  • A study permit and Passports which are valid.

Deposit: Grade 1-7 is R3000 and Grade R is R4000 which is payable once the child has been accepted.

This amount serves as the first instalment of the school fees. .  You will be notified by telephone and in writing of the outcome of your application.

For more information regarding admissions for 2024, kindly click on the link below.


School Fees

  • School fees are compulsory.
  • The School Governing Body [SGB] sets the school fees for the year at the Annual Budget Meeting held with the Parent Body in October of the previous year.
  • A deposit is payable by end of November to ensure a spot for the next year. This applies to new and existing learners. The deposit will be deducted from the annual school fee.
  • School fees may be paid in full or in 10 monthly instalments from January to 31st October.
  • To qualify for a 10% discount, school fees must be paid in full before the end of February.

Parents guilty of non-payment of school fees will be handed over to an official debt collector appointed by the School Governing Body.

  • Exemption of School Fees –   Applications for Exemption should be made before the end of January of the academic year.

NOTE :  Parents who have already incurred a debt with the school will not qualify for an

Exemption, to negate the existing debt.

PLEASE NOTE: Pupils will only be allowed on excursions if school fees are paid up to date.

Stationery and Textbooks

Compulsory stationery packs are sold at the beginning of each year.

Prices vary according to the needs of different grades. Workbooks are included in the stationery pack.

Textbooks are issued to learners at the beginning of the year. Parents are required to sign a contract for the loan of the books. A stock take of textbooks will be taken at the end of each term.

Books have to be returned in a good condition, free of any damage or they have to replace the book or pay for the textbook. If no payment is received for lost books, learners will not receive books for the next term.


The school uniform may be purchased from the school – Mrs. B. Ngubane and Miss C. Mataga. The School Uniform Shop will be open from Monday to Friday between 07H00 – 08H30.

Click here for the UNIFORM PRICE LIST 2023



Black shorts, jade and black golf-shirt, black socks, plain black school shoes, jade V-neck pullover.


Black skirt, jade and black golf-shirt, black ankle socks, plain black school shoes, jade V-neck pullover.


Boys and girls may wear the school tracksuit or any black pants with the school tracksuit top or jade
V-neck pullover. Plain black windbreakers with hoods and white towelling lining may be worn.
Boys and girls may wear a black knitted “beanie”.


  • The only visible form of jewellery permissible is a watch.
  • Girls may wear one plain stud or sleeper in each ear.
  • Boys are not allowed to wear earrings.
  • Coloured nail polish and/or make-up is not permitted.


  • Hair must be kept short, neat and tidy.
  • No colouring of hair is permitted.


  • Hair must be neat and tidy and simply styled.
  • Long hair must be tied up neatly.
  • Hair accessories must be in school colours – black or jade.


  • During the year pupils may undertake excursions or educational trips.
  • Money will be collected separately for this, which will include travelling and entrance fees.
  • Parents will be informed timeously and in writing when excursions are to take place.
  • Indemnity forms will be provided which parents are expected to complete and sign.
  • No child will be allowed on an excursion or school trip if the school fees are not paid up to date.


It is very important for the Learner’s progress that parents take a particular interest from the outset in work done at home and co-operate with staff by insisting on extra work in weaker subjects. If possible, parents should sign the homework book. Parents need to make available resource material such as newspapers and magazines for pupils to use for projects. Parents may assist their children with the homework, however must refrain from doing the homework for their children. If children need psychological testing or counselling it is the parents’ responsibility to take their children as soon as requested by the Educator.

SENIORS – Learners will be given homework daily and this could be in the form of :

  • Revision of the day’s work.
  • Completion of work started in class.
  • Special projects and assignments.
  • Preparation of speeches and other oral work.
  • Preparation for tests and examinations.
  • Each child must have a school homework diary and it must be signed daily by parents.


• Reading, Phonics, Maths, Spelling.


Please note that learners will be tested on a continuous basis throughout the year.

Learners are assessed on a continuous basis.  Continuous assessment consists of:

  • Projects
  • Assignments
  • Oral Marks
  • Homework/Class Work
  • Class Participation
  • Group Participation
  • Assessment Tasks
  • Exams/Cycle Tests

Progression is determined by the Learner’s overall progress and achievements throughout the year.


  • To keep parents informed of the Learner’s progress during the year, reports will be issued at the end of each term.
  • The final report at the end of the year will indicate the decision concerning the Learner’s progression.
  • No reports will be sent home during the 1st to 3rd terms.  These will be handed out to the parents at Parents Evening.

Parent Meetings

  • During the academic year, parent meetings will be held to discuss Learners’ progress. One at the beginning of the first term to discuss expectations and the programme for the year and one at the end of the first and second terms respectively. Attendance to the parents meeting in the 3rd term is by invitation only.
  • If parents wish to discuss their children’s progress outside of these meetings, appointments may be made with the relevant teacher before school starts in the morning, or in the afternoon after school hours.

Remedial Lessons

  • Remedial lessons will be provided for those Learners who have been identified as having problems.
  • Remedial classes will take place on :
  • Grade 1
    Tuesday 13H15 – 13H40
    Thursday 13H15 – 13H40

    Grade 2        
    Monday 13H15 – 13H40
    Wednesday 13H15 – 13H40

    Grade 3 
    Tuesday  13H40 – 14H05
    Wednesday 13H40 – 14H05
    Thursday  13H40 – 14H05

    Grades 4 -7     
    Tuesday          English           14H05 – 14H30
    Wednesday    Afrikaans       14H05 – 14H30
    Thursday        Maths             14H05 – 14H30

    Parents will be required to make the necessary transport arrangements

Extra Curricular Activities


  • Soccer                          Chess                             Softball
  • Netball                         Athletics                      Traditional Games


  • Public Speaking
  • Poetry Recital
  • Choir
  • Heritage Concert
  • Art


  • Lordus Aftercare Centre
  • Tuck Shop
  • Occupational and Remedial therapy
  •  Remedial Classes after school
  • Computer Literacy
  • Help to read for learners struggling with reading
  • Link Literacy and Numeracy Programme

Read more here

General Procedure

  • If a Learner is sick, do not allow him/her to come to school.  Our sick-bay facilities are very limited and there is always the risk of sick Learners infecting others.  If a Learner becomes ill at school, the school will contact parents to collect the Learner.
  • A Learner returning to school after an absence of 3 days or more is required to bring a note or a doctor’s letter explaining his/her absence.
  • In the event of a Learner being absent from school when a test has been scheduled, a doctor’s certificate has to be produced.  The parent must contact the school before the test is written.
  • If a Learner does not attend school for 10 or more consecutive days and the school is not notified or informed, then the Learner will be removed from the school register and lose his/her place in the school.
  • Appointments for Learners should not be made during school hours.  Should it ever be necessary for a Learner to leave the school during the day, parents are asked to notify the school timeously in writing.  These letters are to be brought to the office at the beginning of the school day.
  • Learners will not be released early for appointments or leave school unaccompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • A child can be released into the care of an adult or parent only after they have signed the release form.


  • Learners will not be allowed to carry any cell-phones, bring toys or dangerous weapons to school. Electronic games and toy guns should not be brought to school.  These items will be confiscated and returned to the Learner at the end of the term.
  • Learners will be suspended from school for serious offences such as fighting, theft, regular disruptive behaviour, regular disregard for homework, serious misconduct, etc.  Learners will be accepted back into the class only when the parent reports to the school to discuss the offence of the Learner, the following morning or when convenient.
  • All information pertaining to the activities of the school will be conveyed via newsletter or SMS.  The onus is on the parent to obtain this information from his/her child/ward.
  • Parents wishing to see the Principal or Educators before school, during breaks or after school, must make a prior appointment.
  • Appointments should be made via the school secretary.
  • Parents must report to the office and not go directly to the classrooms.
  • Educators will not be called from the class during teaching time.