End of Year Memo

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please read the following carefully. This note highlights the programme for the last few days before we close for the December holidays.

We close this year missing some of the wonderful events that you have become accustomed to: class parties, Grade 7 farewell, Grade R graduation, Foundation Phase Prize Giving Evening and the Senior Phase Awards and Valediction ceremony. This saddens us.

Grade1-6 learners who would have received awards will receive certificates for achievement with their reports.


The important Dates to remember:

3rd December conclusion of exams for Grade 4-7

4th December – Final assembly for Grade 7. This occasion will replace the Valediction and Senior Phase Awards Evening. Only Grade 7s and the Grade 6 Learners who were selected as prefects will be present. Unfortunately, no parents will be able to be accommodated. Grade 7 Learners will be receiving awards and a snack pack and gift.

7th -9th December Sports training for those learners who have received letters. School will be dismissed at the normal time.

10th December – reports will be issued to Group A learners from Grade 1-6 and Grade R learners. Learners will be dismissed at 9.30.

11th December – reports will be issued to Group B learners from Grade 1- 6 and to Grade 7 learners. Learners will be dismissed at 9.30.


Please take note that reports will only be issued during these times. The staff will be otherwise engaged and will not be able to serve you.

If school fees are paid up, and all textbooks and media books returned then  reports will be issued to learners. Parents do not need to attend.

If school fees are owing or textbooks have not been replaced or paid for, reports will be collected by parents from the office. The Debt collector will be present to sign Acknowledgement of Debt forms and this will be handed over to the Debt collector for collection. Note this could result in legal action being taken against you. Please bring a copy of your ID.

We urge you to settle all outstanding debt so that you avoid all the problems.

School reopens next year on 27th January for Learners. Try to make payment for school fees, uniforms and stationery beforehand via EFT payments to avoid long queues.


Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.


Kind regards,

Mrs. Padayachee