Trees are an important symbol

At Melpark Primary School, trees are an important symbol in our school’s history, symbolic of the 2 schools that merged many years ago to form Melpark Primary school.

Trees represent growth, nurturing, food source, and life. We chose this senior phase awards, going away gift carefully for you so that it will always serve as a reminder to you that you are like the tree. If you take care of the tree, water it, prune it and allow it to have enough sunlight this tree will live for a long time. It will provide you with shade, or fruit or flowers or simply help to beautify your garden.  Similarly if you take care of your body, your mind and your soul you too will grow up to be a strong and useful person. You will be able to serve both your family and society at large. You too will grow into a thing of beauty.   Nalini Padayachee, Excerpt from Senior Phase Awards Evening, 2012